Despite well-written and wisely conceived by-laws, condominium and homeowner’s association Boards of Directors and homeowners routinely find themselves entangled in disputes and controversies. Whether the issue is a matter of interpreting by-laws, protective covenants and restrictions, covenant violations, dealing with construction defects, or collecting maintenance fees, Board members often require trusted legal advice to arrive at common sense solutions.

At The Chapman Law firm, located in Boca Raton, our firm’s practice extends to homeowners’ and condominium association law. Our expertise in subrogation claims recovery and litigation effectively dovetails with the legal help homeowners’ associations and condominium Boards of Directors require.

The legal services our law firm offer in the area of condominium & homeowners’ association law include,

  •     Delinquent Maintenance Fees & Special Assessment Dues Collection
  •     Foreclosures
  •     Covenant Enforcement
  •     Amendment of By-Laws
  •     Statutory Opinions

An attorney skilled in understanding the legalities of condo and homeowners’ association law is invaluable and offers his client a distinct advantage. When your condominium or homeowners’ association needs an effective legal approach to the problems you face, you can rely on The Chapman Law Firm. Our experience from collections, enforcement of covenants, and the amendment of by-laws to foreclosures can provide a creative approach and the guidance your Board of Directors needs to prevent future legal problems and resolve current disputes.

We invite you to call our office at 561-997-0449 to arrange an appointment to explore how an attorney/client relationship with our firm can benefit your condo or homeowners’ association.