A significant portion of our practice at The Chapman Law Firm involves assisting commercial creditors in pursuing remedies upon debtor default, including enforcement of notes and guarantees, replevins, detinue, collections, foreclosures and garnishments.
In our creditors’ rights casework, we place an emphasis on post judgment collection and employing an aggressive approach to garnishments and executions.

Areas in which we assist clients in protecting their creditors’ rights include:

  •     Commercial Debt Collection
  •     Creditors’ Bankruptcy
  •     Commercial/Residential Mortgage Foreclosure
  •     Asset Recovery
  •     Enforcement of Notes & Guarantees
  •     Garnishments
  •     Landlord/Tenant Evictions

The clients who use our legal services related to commercial debt collection include banks, credit unions and other lending institutions, real estate companies, seeking to recover payments on delinquent loans. Among the business creditors we represent are commercial real estate owners as creditors, such as management companies, condominium and apartment owners, building property owners, as well as contractors and material suppliers in creditor actions during foreclosure.

Fully understanding the often critical and time sensitive nature of asset recovery, we utilize actions related to wrongful detention of property or goods, such as replevin and detinue, in order to deprive the defendant of the use of your property, while your case is awaiting trial and help increase the likelihood of a quick settlement.

The Chapman Law Firm represents creditors in both consumer and commercial bankruptcy actions. Working closely with our clients, we first define their objectives and assist them in maximizing their recovery opportunity. Our legal services include restructuring negotiations, handling out of court financial workouts, legal proceedings to deny debt discharge or objections of debtor’s proposed Chapter 11 and 13 plans. Our firm also prepares and files creditors’ proofs of claim, and opposes motions objecting to creditor’s proofs of claim.

In the area of foreclosure, we provide guidance for creditors in the successful foreclosure of commercial and residential property, which may include real estate workout negotiations, obtaining foreclosure judgments, bidding strategy for auction sales, assurance of good title for foreclosure sales, and proper distribution of proceeds after sale.

When you need legal help to exercise your rights as a creditor, we invite you to call The Chapman Law Firm at 561-997-0449 to discuss how our experience and know-how in commercial collections can protect your rights and recover assets.