Whether you are an executive with an insurance company, a bank, surety bond or lending institution or other business creditor, the subrogation process to seek reimbursement of damages is an on-going challenge. When you turn to The Chapman Law Firm for legal help, we work with you to identify subrogation opportunities, conduct a thorough intake, and provide quick, solid evaluation of claims, and follow through with effective recovery efforts. Learn more.

Commercial Litigation

Whether your business is pursuing litigation to resolve a breach of contract, insurance claims or coverage, foreclosure, construction defects, a lender or product liability matter, we apply our extensive experience in the legal arena to protect your rights and protect your best interests. We have experience assisting clients with claims recovery and providing defense for lender liability, product liability, and numerous other insurance issues. Learn more.

Creditors’ Rights

The Chapman Law Firm assists commercial creditors pursuing remedies for debtor default, including the enforcement of notes and guarantees, replevins, detinue, collections, foreclosures, and garnishments. Working closely with our clients, we first define their objectives and assist them in maximizing their recovery opportunity. Our legal services include restructuring negotiations, handling out of court financial workouts, legal proceedings to deny debt discharge or objections of debtor’s proposed Chapter 11 and 13 plans. Learn more.

Condominium/Homeowner’s Association Law

Despite well-written by-laws, condominium and homeowner’s association Boards of Directors can become entangled in disputes and controversies. Whether the issue is a matter of interpreting by-laws, dealing with construction defects, or collecting maintenance fees, Board members often require trusted legal advice to arrive at common-sense solutions. The Chapman Law Firm has extensive expertise in subrogation claims recovery and litigation, which dovetails with the legal help homeowners’ associations and condominium Boards of Directors require. Learn more.

Landlord/Tenant Law

If you do not have an attorney, you risk losing out on rent and damages that may be owed to you. In addition, you may end up having your case dismissed and having a tenant living in your property for free. The Chapman Law Firm, P.A. represents landlords in residential and commercial eviction cases involving nonpayment of rent, violation of lease terms and other grounds. Florida residential landlords must follow the judicial eviction process to legally evict a tenant from leased property. Trying to evict a tenant by extralegal means such as changing locks, turning off utilities, threatening the tenant or engaging in any other act designed to force the tenant to leave, is illegal and may subject the landlord to civil damages to the tenant. Learn more.